Past projects

The best possible references are the projects we have completed in the past. We are happy to demonstrate these to you.

Ak Gida Sanayi ve.Tic.A.S
Pamukova, Turkey
1 “ASEPTO-Therm” UHT plant for pudding Pamukova and topping cream
1 “ASEPTO-Therm” UHT plant for pudding and joghurt
4 sterile tanks
2 whipping plants with cooler
Ampack GmbH
86343 Königsbrunn
4 Sterile water modules
several valve cluster
Andechser Molkerei Scheitz GmbH 
82346 Andechs
1 Curd cheese line with KDB 30 separator
Arla Foods Deutschland GmbH
23936 Upahl
1 Joghurt tank farm
1 Four coulors mixing plant
2 Sterile tanks with process equipment
1 Cacao milk heater with process equipment
1 Thermo curd cheese heater with process equipment
1 Sterile valve bloc
Automation for differnt areas 3 productions lines for Skyr
4 blending lines
AT Anlagentechnik GmbH
26135 Oldenburg
1 Poultrymix heater
several Asepto-Triplex tubular cooler for sausage meat and poultry mix
Berief Food Germany
2 UHT-plant for vegetarian drinks
3 aseptic tanks
Biotta AG
Tägerwilen, Switzerland
1 UHT plant for juice and vegetable drinks
Bakoma S.A
Elzbietow, Poland
1 UHT-plant for pudding production with deaerator
2 Sterile tanks
1 Aseptic mixing and whipping plant
1 UHT-plant for topping cream with vacuum deaerator
2 Sterile tanks
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH „ASEPTO-Therm“ heat exchanger
Cognis GmbH 1 UHT pilot plant 100-200 l/h
with mixing tanks and 1 sterile tank
Coppenrath & Wiese GmbH & Co. KG
49076 Osnabrück
1 Double tube cooler for apple pulp
1 Special section tube cooler for pre dough
DAL Dairy Factory
Khartoum, Sudan
1 „ASEPTO-Therm“ Pilot UHT 80-250l/h
with sterile tank 250l 1 UHT plant for rice pudding, semolina, pudding
DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH
Plant Coesfeld
1 Joghurt milk heating line
DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH
Plant Herford
HUMANA-fluid mixing plant
recipe controled plant for production of baby-food + CIP-plant
ASEPTO-tubular heat exchanger for vegetable oil
DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH
Plant Zeven
aseptic process equipment and automation
for 3 sterile tanks
1 “ASEPTO-Therm” -UHT-plant with
1 sterile tank, 6.000 l
3 yoghurt / fruit-mixing lines
1 cream-heating line, and automation
1 standardisation line (fat and protein) for
condensed milk
automation for fruit heat exchanger
fruit processing tanks
UHT pilot plant with fermentation tanks
Dr.Oetker/Moers Frischprodukte KG
47441 Moers
New building of dessert department
3 „ASEPTO-Therm“ UHT-plants for pudding,
semolina and rice, several sterile tanks 1 „ASEPTO-Therm“ UHT-plant for drinks and pudding,
2 “ASEPTO-Therm” fruit cooking plants,
fruit storage tanks
21 sterile tanks 17.000 l
fruit tank farm 8 tanks 25.000 l
8 connections to filling machines with aseptic
valve nodes
zaziki/creme fraiche production
CIP plant, preparation tank farm, plant for jelly puddings, fermentation tank farm.
complete department for dessert production,
inline blending unit, container stations, whipping machine
Mixing-tank-farm with 6 mixing tanks
plant for juices and smoothies Coffee-Drink process line with 8000l/h UHT and sterile tanks farm
Dr. Oetker Poland 1 Dessert line
1“ASEPTO-Therm“ UHT plant for pudding,
semolina and rice
5 Sterile tanks 15.000 Liter
2 ASEPTO Whipmix plant 1 Expansion of CIP plant
Dorfkrug GmbH
Neu Wulmstorf
1 Asepto Therm UHT plant for milk and cream
Ehrmann AG
3 Fruit –yoghurt-thermisation plants
(ASEPTO-helix tubular heat exchanger)
6 heating plants for fruit preparation,
1 ASEPTO Whipmix plant 1 sterile water module
Fresenius AG
Bad Homburg
1 Sterile tank, 15.000 l
Friesland Campina Germany
Plant Gütersloh
1 „ASEPTO-Therm“ UHT plant for Pudding and Desserts
frischli Milchwerke GmbH
Factory Weißenfels
1 „ASEPTO-Therm“ UHT-plant
2 ASEPTO Whipmix plant
2 mixing plants for fruit-yoghurt-curd cheese
Thermisation plant with sterile tank 15.000l
frischli Milchwerke GmbH
Factory Rehburg-Loccum
1 sterile tank 80.000 l
1 UHT pilot plant
Fude & Serrahn GmbH & Co. KG
inline blending unit for herb butter
Gascon Vermuyten S.L
Vitoria, Spain
tubular UHT plant or topping cream sterile tank and buffer tank
CIP-plant with two circles
Hafenkäserei Münster GmbH
Engineering, mounting and automation process plant for cheese production
Heideblume Molkerei
2-times mixingplant for standardisation from curd cheese
„ASEPTO-Therm“ dressing heater
Emulsification plant for curd cheese / oil mixing
3-times mixing plant for fruit-yoghurt-curd cheese
1-time mixing plant
valve nodes 3 colours mixing-regulation plant
4 colours mixing-regulation plant with aseptic valve node
Container stations
Hohenloher Molkerei eG
Schwäbisch Hall
1 fruit-yoghurt-mixing and thermisation plant for lumpy fruits and milk mix drinks (ASEPTO-helix-heat exchanger)
Ingredion Germany
1 UHT pilot plant 100-200l/h
Immergut-Milch GmbH
asept. process equipment and automation for sterile tank 15.000 l
Kalleh Dairy Co., Amol
(Faravardehaye Labaniye Kalleh) Iran
1 “ASEPTO-Therm” UHT-plant for milk mix drinks with connection to
4 sterile tanks
1 UF-plant for skim milk concentration
1 vacuum deaerator for milk
1 yoghurt cooler
Kärntnermilch e.G.
Spittal/Drau, Austria
1 Heating plant for milk
2 “ASEPTO-Therm” UHT-plants
1 heating and evaporating plant for yoghurt – milk
1 yoghurt plant (stirred yoghurt) with
12 process tanks
1 yoghurt-fruit mixing line with deaerator
1 inline mixing unit
2 sterile tanks
2 mixing tanks
2 whipping machines
1 UHT pilot plant (ESL milk)
1 Plate heat exchanger for UF plant
5 storage tanks for ESL milk
Karwendel-Werke Huber GmbH&Co.KG
1 Pilot plant for cream cheese and joghurt
Krones AG
Aseptic valve blocs
Lactoprot GmbH
1 UHT pilot plant
Leiber GmbH
Engineering for a new factory
For the new factory: reception,tank farms, process- and
storage tanks, direct UHT-plant, Pasteur, Sterile Tanks,
CIP-plant 6 circuits, Satelit-CIP-Station,
Process-Control System
Ljublanske Mlekarne
1 fruit yoghurt mixing and heating plant
1 yoghurt-fruit mixing and whipping plant
LUFA Nordwest-Institute
pilot plant for curd cheese
Milchwerke Mittelelbe
2 ASEPTO-Therm UHT plants for drinks and protein shakes
4 aseptic tanks 3 blending tanks with blending loop for drinks
3 blending tanks with blending loop for protein drinks
2 blending tanks with blending loop for milk concentrate (spray drier)
Milchwerke Fulda-Lauterbach eG
production plant for pudding and whipped
desserts with 2 sterile tanks
1 sterile tank for coffee cream
Milkon GmbH, Bozen
1 Yoghurt plant with 10 tanks
assembly and automation of 5 cream tanks
1 ASEPTO-helix tubular cooler
1 Asepto-helix static mixers for yoghurt/fruit
Mizo Rt, Pécs
UHT-line for dessert production, 2 aseptic tanks, mixing and whipping plant
MLEKARA – Bitola
1 fruit yoghurt-mixing- and thermisation plant
2 yoghurt process tanks
Molda AG
1 steam infusion-UHT for production of spore free whey protein
Molkerei Alois Müller GmbH & Co.
ASEPTO-helix tubular cooler for fruit milk-rice production plant
Molkerei Alois Müller GmbH & Co.
asept. process equipment for heating plants fermentation- and sterile tanks
Molkereischule Kempten
1 Milk heater
1 Cream heater
1 CIP plant
Molkerei Biedermann AG
1 „ASEPTO-Therm“ UHT plant for viscous CH-9200
cremes, Mascarpone, goat milk, butter milk, fruit juices, choko pudding
1 Sterile tank
1 Asept. Container filling station
Molkerei Meggle GmbH & Co.KG
Wasserburg a. Inn
Extension of whey conc. tank farm
2 x 75m3 double floor tank with discharge valve bloc
3 mixing plants for butter fat
1 UHT pilot plant 100-200l/h
Molkerei Söbbeke GmbH
“ASEPTO-Therm” UHT plant for pudding, semolina and cream
2 sterile tanks
CIP- plant
Nadec KSA 1 Asepto-Therm pilot plant for dariy products
Nestlè Deutschland AG
production plant for baby-food, sterile tanks
Nestle Konolfingen
1 ASEPTO-helix tubular heat exchanger
Nestle Inc.
Ohio / USA
1 “ASEPTO-Therm” -UHT-plant with aseptic tank
NOM Dairy UK Ltd
Telford / England
1 Mixing plant for joghurt
1 Connection to filling machine
Baden / Austria
1 UHT plant for milk mix drinks, cream and process equipment for 9 sterile tanks
OOO Fudimport
1 UHT-plant for coffee cream with aseptic tank
OOO Egida Povoliye
Nischni Novgorod, Russia
1 UHT plant for milk and cream with aseptic tank
Optiferm GmbH
1 Sterile filtration plant for lactase enzyme with aept. filling station
Ovobest Eiprodukte GmbH & Co.KG
1 RO-plant for concentration of protein
Several special plants
Extension of raw product- and ready product tank farm
Pinzgau Milch Produktions GmbH
Maishofen, Austria
1 Pilot plant for milk 200 – 500 l/h
Schwarzwaldmilch GmbH
1 sterile tank, rebuilding and automation
yoghurt plant with process equipment for
3 sterile tanks
CIP-tanks 4-storied
ESL-milk tank farm 4-storied
5 ESL tanks
4 outside tanks
3 butter cream ripening tanks 2 Joghurt ripening tanks
4 Joghurt tanks
1 Cream tank
Schwarzwaldmilch GmbH
1 UF-plants
2 x 3-storied tanks
1 “ASEPTO-Therm” – multitube-heat exch.
Stork KG /Condetta GmbH
Halle Westf.
1 UHT Pilot plant
Tscholbon Dairy
1 UHT plant for milk and cream
Universität Hohenheim
„ASEPTO-Therm“ UHT-pilot plant 100-200 l/h
with falling stream heating unit
1 ESL-tube module
VMZ Berlin 1 whipping plant with continous fruit dosing and mixing
yoghurt milk heat exchanger
Warmsener Spezialtitäten GmbH
asept. bucket filling machine
asept. sampling station
1 “ASEPTO-Therm” -UHT-plant with
3 sterile tanks 10.000 l
2 mixing tanks, 5.000 l with lifting / tipping device
constructional engineering plant building factory 2
Weißenhorner Molkerei GmbH
1 “ASEPTO-Therm” -UHT-plant
2 sterile tanks 5.000 l
1 sterile tank 2.000 l
2 mixing tanks 5.000 l
1 tube cooler
1 whipping plant
1 dosing and mixing station
Wiehengebirgsmolkerei Unterlübbe KG
1 Joghurt milk heating line