Asepto | Wärmetauscher

Asepto Tubular-Heat-Exchanger / UHT Plants

We construct complete tubular heat exchangers (UHT plants) for a huge variety of products and a large range of services. These units are pre-assembled on a stainless steel frame in our workshop. After delivery our units are very fast available for production. Some examples for products which can be produced on our units are: Milk, ESL-milk, puddings, rice pudding, fruit preparation, sauces, soups and pharmaceutical solutions.

Based on many different models of Asepto heat exchangers, Asepto is the ideal partner for the thermal treatment of your products. Dependent on the product characteristics we are able to deliver the ideal heat exchanger or the best process plant.

Possible designs:

Double-tube-HE – Triple-tube-HE – Multi-tube-HE – Spiral-tube-HE – Helical-tube-HE

Asepto | Pilotanlage

Asepto Pilot Plants

Our pilot plants will have you perfectly prepared for the research and development of your products as well as the scale-up of your processes.

Thanks to their individual degree of automation, in compliance with robust industrial standards, Asepto pilot plants can very easily be made available to you. This guarantees the smooth processing of your trials. Highest precision in production ensures the reproducibility of your results.

Asepto | Pilotanlage
Asepto | Pilotanlage
Asepto | Mischanlage

Asepto Mixing Plants

One of our main businesses is the construction of blending plants for our customers in the chemical or food industry.

We plan and construct the blending units in individual and modular design. It is understood that the mixing of the different products is very exact. Our units can be combined with all kind of measurement in order to use them for inline standardisation.

Asepto | Aufschäumanlage

Asepto Whipmix Unites

Asepto Whipmix units have been established for the whipping of desserts for many products.

Our whipping machines are planned individual for your needs and products. It doesn’t matter if you want to aerate mousse products, yoghurts, fresh cheese, fruit or topping cream – we always provide the correct solution.

If you are interested you can rent our pilot whipping plant for tests in your laboratory.

Asepto | Ventilknoten

Asepto Valve Cluster

We are specialized in the expert interpretation and the building of customized valve clusters.

Our specialists are trust in the best way for construction on modern 3d CAD systems.

Asepto | Molchsystem

Asepto Pigging Technology

An aseptic pigging system allows to recover cost intensive products out of product lines. Powered by compressed sterile air, the pig pushes the product out of the pipe. The remaining product film on the inside of the product line can then be removed with the CIP.

This technology significantly reduces the strain on the waste water and lowers cleaning costs, for example water and detergents costs.

Asepto | Chipanlagen

Asepto CIP-Plant

With our modular CIP systems, your production facilities be cleaned fully automatically and reliably.

The use of leak-safe valves provides maximum security. The version according to pressure equipment directive (97/23/EC), machinery- (2006/42/EC) and WHG are standard – an allergen management is available as an option. You get a complete unit tested and ready to use upon delivery.

Asepto | Chip-Anlage
Asepto | Chip-Anlage